Content Discovery: Navigate Search Results In-Context with Quicko Search

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Robin Good: Quicko is a new search engine which displays search results with individual, text-based information boxes a-la-Pinterest, and then allows to navigate them by providing a navigation top bar, which provides easy access to all results while maintaining the browsing task in context with the just-completed search action.

The authors behind Quicko have written: “We were fed up, the way search engines currently presents search results. it is so confusing to find what you are looking for and then you have to open a lot of windows which you think are closer to what you are looking for. So we came up with this idea that there should be only one single page from where you can navigate between all or selected results.”

Free to use.

P.S.: Quicko will not open PDFs or Flash animations and other content

which is set not to be opened in an iframe, but the team is currently working on these issues.

About: http://www.quicko.im/Home/Quicko

Try it out now: http://www.quicko.im/

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